I help families find peace of mind

with their estate plans.

I understand all too well the disastrous consequences of a lack of proper estate planning. I was fortunate to have grown up in a large, loving extended family and a childhood full of cherished memories from holidays, summer vacations, and wild winters spent together on my family's lakefront property. Sadly, when my grandparents passed away without a clear plan in place, the feuding over medical decisions, property, and inheritances soon followed. Eventually, our beautiful family dynamic devolved and never recovered.

Motivated by the heartache of my family's experience, I became an estate planning attorney to help others avoid a similar fate. I'm committed to giving my clients the gift of peace of mind, knowing they did all they could to protect their loved ones from unnecessary pain and hardship and that their legacy is the one they envisioned.

How I Can Help

Trust-Based Plans

With a trust-based estate plan, you can appoint a trusted person to be in charge of your assets to ensure that your wishes are carried out, even when you are no longer here.

By setting up a trust, you can also bypass probate court, which is like the DMV of the afterlife, where your loved ones have to wait in line to claim your assets, sometimes for months or even years!

If you want to leave a lasting legacy for your loved ones, trust-based estate plans are the way to go. They help ensure that your assets continue to benefit your family long after you are gone.

And the best part? Trust-based estate plans are fully customizable, so you can tailor them to fit your unique situation, whether you have a large family, a business to pass down, or just a beloved pet that needs a little extra care.

Will-Based Plans

A will-based estate plan is best suited for individuals with relatively simple estate planning needs, such as those who do not have many assets, have straightforward family situations.

By creating a will, you can decide who gets what, when they get it, and how much they get, providing clarity and certainty to your loved ones.

But remember, a will-based estate plan is like a one-hit wonder, it only works once. So, if you have assets that will continue to generate income after you are gone, a trust-based estate plan might be a better fit.

Overall, a will-based estate plan is a smart and responsible way to protect your loved ones and leave a lasting legacy.

Your Minor Children's Guardianship Documents

You know who's cooler than Batman? The legal guardian you choose for your kids in case something happens to you! That's why including kids' guardianship documents as part of your estate plan is crucial.

Not only does it give you the power to choose who will take care of your kids, but it also ensures that the court won't have to make that decision for you. Plus, it can provide clear guidance for your guardian on your parenting wishes and values.

Without these documents, your family could end up with relatives and friends fighting over who gets to take care of your kids.

Think of these documents as a superhero cape for your estate plan – it gives you the power to protect your kids even when you're not around. And let's face it, who doesn't want to be a superhero in their kids' eyes?

A La Carte Estate Documents

I can help you with a variety of estate planning needs, from updating powers of attorney to making minor changes to your trust.

If you have recently purchased a new property, I can assist you in recording the necessary deeds to ensure that the property is properly transferred to your trust or designated beneficiaries.

Even small changes to your estate plan can have a big impact on your loved ones, which is why I am dedicated to providing personalized attention and guidance throughout the process.

Whether you are just starting your estate planning journey or need to make updates to an existing plan, I am here to help you achieve your goals and protect your legacy.

On-Going Trust Funding Consultation

Having an attorney provide consultation on how to fund your trust is a critical part of the estate planning process because it ensures that you know how to properly transfer assets into your trust, maximizing the benefits of the trust for you and your beneficiaries.

I can help you identify which assets should be transferred into the trust, which assets should be kept outside of the trust, and the best way to transfer those assets.

Properly funding your trust also helps avoid probate, reduces the risk of legal challenges, and can provide tax benefits.

Without proper funding, your trust may not function as intended, leaving your beneficiaries in a difficult position after your passing.

Proper trust funding can give you peace of mind that your assets are protected and your wishes are carried out.

What My Clients Say

My biggest concern was that a lot of the terms used when compiling our portfolio would be confusing to me. Debi did a great job of explaining each step and all of the items necessary to make decisions. Our family wasn't the easiest, but in the end she helped come up with what we were looking to accomplish

Kathy - Spring Lake

Debi was professional, courteous, thorough and thoughtful in her delivery of our will/trust. She took the time to review our choices and discuss outcomes, so we felt confident and reassured at the completion of our meeting. Very positive experience!

Kristen & Scott - Kalamazoo

I highly recommend Debi. Easy to reach, always answers or gets right back with you. Easy access, easy pay through portal, zoom meeting, phone & text. She explains things thoroughly. She is very organized, efficient, accommodating. She goes the extra mile. Smart, warm, friendly demeanor & caring. She has passion in what she does, helps from start to finish to guide you through, Thoughtful in your wishes/choices. 2 of us in my family have used her services so far & I know more will. I have recommended her to as many people as I can. Look no further, she's the best!!

Shannon - Muskegon

I expected and received very professional service and legal advice that made me totally comfortable and confident I had made the perfect choice to match my legal needs. I would completely recommend Debi. She was well prepared and handled our meetings efficiently, suggested positive solutions to issues I had not even considered, and made me feel she had thoroughly reviewed all aspects of my situation.

Laura - Spring Lake

My biggest concern was choosing someone to be in charge of my children if both my partner and I were to pass away at the same time. Debi helped me work through the emotions of that decision, which then made it easier to think about logically and get it down on paper."

Jennifer - Spring Lake

I was very happy with the services I received from Debi Hulverson. She was easy to work with and listened to me when I wanted something special or different. She explained everything so I had no questions. I feel like my daughters will have no problems when I die as they will not have to deal with probate. And the ladybird deed was perfect for that reason. I would definitely recommend Debi to others and I already have.

Katherine - Muskegon